From the close collaboration with the tanneries and with the customers, the value of our leathers successfully unfolds in the main reference sectors: ready-to-wear, footwear and leather goods.

For Pelli actively collaborates with the tanneries it represents, starting from the choice of colors to be presented, to the development of the articles and finally to the sale of the same in the relevant markets.

In order to respond in a timely manner to the frequent change in fashion tastes, we have a varied collection that includes 4 different materials and 12 different colors always available, guaranteeing an immediate availability to the customer.

Much time and resources are then dedicated to research. With the help of professionals in the sector, we carry out in-depth market research and study the styles to be developed. At the basis of the choice of leathers and articles to be realized, there is an attentive and scrupulous research of the trends that characterize the reference seasons.